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Roofers Houston TX


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Houston Roofing and Siding Testimonials

“Your emergency roof response time was amazing. I’m blown away at how much you cared and how fast you responded. Thank you. I will recommend you to everyone!!!!”  - Tony G., Houston, TX

“Thank you, . I can’t thank you enough actually. When you inspected my roof, I feared that I’d be looking at a full replacement – and that would have devastated me financially. As a single mom, money is tight to say the least. Turns out, you were able to repair the damage and save me a boatload of money.” – Alison R., South Houston, Texas

“My wife can’t get enough of the new deck. She serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails on it. I admit, it’s beautiful and I love it too.” Jack S., Sugarland, Texas

“A major portion of our roof was blown off in a typical Houston windstorm. Though this had happened to a friend a few years ago, I never thought something like this could happen to me. When it did, the first thing I did was call my friend and ask “Who replaced your roof?” He told me Houston Roofing and Siding right away. I mean, he didn’t even have to look it up, he just knew. He also told me that he has recommend Houston Roofing and Siding to several people over the years and that everyone was thrilled with your service. Add me to that list! You guys are awesome and I will be recommending you without hesitation just as my friend did to me.” Max B., Houston, TX

“I never knew that roofs needed regular maintenance. Your service is keeping my roof in tiptop shape and I am grateful.” Nancy T., Spring Valley, TX

“Thank you for fixing my leaking roof last February. Your technician arrived and repaired it completely. No more leaks! My neighbor wasn’t so lucky. He used a different company who never quite got the job done. He had to replace his carpets as a result.”  K.M., Sherwood Place, TX

“Did you know that your roofers are the friendliest, most courteous contractors in Houston? Give those guys a raise! I’m impressed with your crew.” Patsy J., Deer Park, Texas

“I saw your note on your website asking ‘satisfied customers’ to send in testimonials and am happy to oblige because I am satisfied indeed. Having remodeled five houses in the past decade and built a custom home here in Houston, your company is by far the most professional roofing company that I have encountered. Excellent work by genuine, hard working people. Job well done!” Robert. M., North Houston, TX

“Can you tell me this: Why aren’t all Houston roofers as nice as you? It’s been a pleasure from the moment I called you, heartbreaking though it was, to the day you completed the job. My new roof is beyond expectations and looks great. Hopefully I won’t need your services for at least 20 years, but if I do, you’ll be the roofer that I call.” Chris Y., Stafford, Texas